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California Trucking Schools

There are plenty of California truck driving schools that you can compare to find the best CDL training. If you want a quality education, you should contact schools such as CR England Truck Driving School. They can train you to hit the road, and possibly consider you for one of their local, regional or OTR positions in the state of California. Like many trucking companies, they have a presence in several states, which can be helpful if you decide to relocate. No matter what kind of CDL driver training program you choose, just be sure to weigh your options before making a decision. All you have to do is scroll down this page to see that you have a variety of truck driving programs to consider, including CR England CDL training.

How To Compare CDL Training Programs in California

We’ll be straight with you, you’ll need a top-notch driving records to earn your CDL in California. Employers already have enough headaches, the last thing they need is an unreliable driver handling thousands of dollars or more worth of goods.

The Minimum Requirements for Trucking School Are Typically:

  • 21 years of age
  • U.S. Citizen (or qualify for a US passport)
  • Clean driving record
  • Pass a drug test
  • Criminal history will be taken into account for felonies or certain offenses

Even though you may not have to possess an extremely high level of physical fitness to enter trucking school, this should be a consideration. Many trucking jobs include heavy lifting and physical activity. Just be sure you’re up for the job you want. And once you start driving, be sure to find ways to stay in shape. Many trucking schools will even include tips for maintaining a healthy diet and exercise while working a job that requires a lot of time in the driver’s seat. Whether you are studying trucking or diesel technology, you can apply for the California Construction Trucking Association scholarship. Seven students receive this scholarship, which can be used for tuition and other educational costs, every year.

Trucking Schools in California

If you decide to pursue a degree in diesel technology, there are many topics you should plan on studying. Some schools offer regular retraining courses and certification courses that allow you to update your skills after you have finished your degree.

In California, the College of Alameda offers seminar courses in diesel specialties like smoke inspection, air quality, and trucking mechanics.

If your interests lie in the field of truck driving, there are many schools in California that offer different types of training. If you want a specific driver’s license, like a Class A or Class B license, look for a school that offers your training of choice. Some schools, like Western Truck School offer truck driving training programs at every different level. This gives you lots of flexibility in what kind of certification you pursue.

Work in the California Trucking Industry

Trucking salaries are dependent on a number of factors, including experience and certification. As a truck driver, you can bump up your earning potential by becoming an owner-operator or joining a driving team. The average truck driving salary in California is $42,160 per year (BLS, 2012). The average salary for a diesel mechanic is $49,710 per year. You can become ASE-certified to earn more money as a diesel mechanic.

Below you can find a graph outlining California trucking and diesel mechanic salaries compared to the nationwide average. All data was retrieved from Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015).

As a trucker or diesel mechanic, you can work in a variety of settings. You can work for a trucking company in either profession; as a diesel mechanic, you can also work for leasing centers, repair shops, or dealerships. Prominent California employers include C.R. England, Matheson Trucking Inc., and Estenson Logistics. The job outlook is strong. O*Net predicts a 20% increase for truck drivers and a 15% increase for diesel mechanics.

Truck Driving Schools Near Me

California Truck Driving Schools

160 Driving Academy - Fresno

160 Driving Academy - Anaheim

160 Driving Academy - San Bernardino

160 Driving Academy - Oceanside

A-1 Truck Driver Training - Hayward

A1 Truck Driving School - Fresno

AB Truck Training School - Bakersfield

Above and Beyond Trucking School - Sacramento

Abylex CDL - Sacramento

Academy of Truck Driving - Oakland

Advance Bus and Truck Driving School - Lodi

Advance School of Driving - Fontana

Advanced Career Institute - Bakersfield

Advanced Career Institute - Fresno

Advanced Career Institute - Merced

Advanced Career Institute - Visalia

America Truck Driving School - Santa Ana

America Truck Driving School - Compton

America Truck Driving School - Riverside

America Truck Driving School - Escondido

American Truck & Bus Driving School - Hayward

American Truck Schools - Redding

Aztlan Trucking School - Los Angeles

Bay Area Class "B" Truck School - Oakland

CA CDL Services - Lodi

California Truck Driving Academy - Santa Ana

Camino Real Career School - La Puente

Center for Employment Training - Soledad

Center for Employment Training - Santa Maria

Center for Employment Training - El Centro

Central California Truck Driving School - Modesto

Coast To Coast Trucking School - San Jose

Coastal Trucking Institute - Salinas

Commercial Drivers Learning Center - Sacramento

Commercial Trucking School - Santa Clarita

CTDS Commercial Truck Driving School - Modesto

Dashmesh Truck Driving School & Services - Fresno

Disciples Truck Driving Academy - Sacramento

Dolphin Trucking School - Commerce

Domestic Truck Driving School - Fremont

Domestic Truck Driving School - Newark

Easy CDL Truck Driving School - Sylmar

Easy Truck Rental for CDL and Towing - Sacramento

Economy Truck School - Bakersfield

Edison Truck Driving School - El Monte

El Monte Truck Driving - Baldwin Park

Five Rivers Truck School - Fresno

Golden Pacific Truck Driving School - Bakersfield

Golden State Truck School - Merced

Green Valley Truck School - Ceres

GSF Truck & Bus Driving Schools - Sylmar

Hi Desert Truck & Bus Driving - Lancaster

Hi Desert Truck & Bus Driving - Sun Valley

Imperial Valley Rop - El Centro

International Truck Driving School - Fremont

International Truck Driving School - Hayward

J&R Trucking School - Modesto

JGC Truck Driving Training - Santa Rosa

Jiffy's Truck School - Redding

Las Americas Truck Driving School - San Bernardino

Maatson Trucking School - Ventura

Major Express - Fresno

Michaels Transportation Service - Sacramento

Mid California Truck Driving School - Fresno

MTS Training Academy - Vallejo

National Truck Driving School - San Leandro

Nirup School of Truck Driving - Sacramento

P. Steve Ramirez Vocational Training Centers - Fresno

Patterson Unified School District - Patterson

Performance Trucking Academy - Stockton

Pilot Trucking School - Fontana

Prime Truck Driving School - Fresno

Punjab Truck Driving School - Fresno

San Jose Trucking School - San Jose

School of Trucking - San Leandro

Sergio Trucking School - Simi Valley

Skyway Trucking School - Hesperia

Stockton ASET Center - Stockton

Stockton Truck Driving School - Stockton

Sunrise Truck Driving School - Fresno

TGA Truck Driving School - Montebello

Toro School of Truck Driving - Bellflower

Toro School of Truck Driving - Los Angeles

Truck Driver Academy - Baldwin Park

Truck Driving Academy - Olivehurst

Truck Nation School - Fresno

Truck Nation School - Salida

Union Truck Driving School - Bakersfield

United Truck Driving School - Fresno

United Truck Driving School - Riverside

United Truck Driving School - San Diego

Universal Trucking School - Upland

West Coast Truck School - Fresno

West Hills College - Coalinga

Western Pacific Truck School - Modesto

Western Pacific Truck School - Sacramento

Western Pacific Truck School - Stockton

Western Truck School - Bakersfield

Western Truck School - West Sacramento

Western Truck School - Santee

William M. Maguy School - Visalia

Yuba Sutter Truck Driving School Inc - Yuba City