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CDL Training Near Bakersfield

Find Truck Driver & Diesel Mechanic Training in Bakersfield, California

In Bakersfield, there are nine schools that can help you start a career in truck driving or diesel technology. That means you have several options for quality training. All nine schools offer small class sizes and experienced instructors. We recommend speaking with all the schools in your area to be sure you make the best decision. When you contact these schools, tell their representative about your goals in the trucking industry. You’ll want to be sure you feel confident when you enroll.

What to Expect in Your CDL Training

Program lengths vary between schools, but most schools allow you to graduate very quickly. The great thing about trucking programs is that you can usually complete them in a couple of months. You can prepare to earn your Class-A driver’s license in just three weeks at United States Truck Driving School. You can earn a Class B license even faster.

However, before you go run off a apply to the first truck driving school you find, consider comparing some important factors that go into choosing a good CDL training program. One of the biggest considerations in cost: how much will you end up paying for your training and what will you be getting out of the cost that you do spend. Also, consider asking about financial aid. While not everyone qualifies, you might be able to get scholarships or special grants to help you offset the cost of your training. And some schools have special relationships with trucking companies that will offer tuition reimbursement because they know they are hiring well-education, well-trained individuals.

Other important facts that should go into your decision to find the right truck driving school surround the courses themselves. Ask questions like, how much hands on training versus classroom training will I receive, how many hours/miles on the road will I get in before graduating, how many hours a week do you have to contribute to your training, do they have flexible scheduling for people with jobs or families to care for, and what are their graduation/career placement rates? All of these questions will give you insight into how extensive the program is and how well it will prepare you for the trucking job world.

Finally, if you’re interested in setting yourself apart from the competition, ask about additional training you might be able to receive. By this I mean endorsement training. Endorsements are specialized certifications on your license that show you have training beyond the traditional CDL. You can get endorsements in things like hauling multiple trailers at once, driving hazmat vehicles, or tanker trucks. The endorsements can help set you apart from other people looking for jobs at the same time as you because they are often more highly sought after due to the nature of the haul. For this reason, companies also tend to pay more on average for drivers with endorsements in contrast to those with just their CDL license.

Truck Driving in Bakersfield

As an aspiring truck driver you may spend lots of time on Bakersfield’s biggest highways, like State Route 99, State Route 58, and Highway 33, so you might want to familiarize yourself with these highways sooner rather than later. Bakersfield is home to large employers like Asbury Transportation Company and Laz-Trans Trucking. As a Bakersfield resident, you can enjoy a cost of living that is on par with the national average, so working as a truck driver can still provide a good living for you and your family.

Tractor-trailer drivers in Bakersfield earn an average salary of $42,980 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those who drive light trucks earn an average of $32,010 annually (BLS, 2013).

Let’s find the right truck driving program for you today. Use the listings below to contact schools that interest you. Don’t limit your search to just Bakersfield either because there are plenty of truck driving schools in the surrounding California towns that can offer good CDL training as well.

CDL Training Near Bakersfield

AB Truck Training School - Bakersfield

Advanced Career Institute - Bakersfield

Economy Truck School - Bakersfield

Golden Pacific Truck Driving School - Bakersfield

Union Truck Driving School - Bakersfield

Western Truck School - Bakersfield