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Because of the huge amount of tour buses and other large tourism vehicles in Hawaii, there is a great need for truck drivers and diesel technicians. Get involved in this field by attending one of the two diesel technology/trucking schools in Hawaii. The average cost of tuition in Hawaii is $2,506, which can make your education very affordable.

Hawaii has lots of scholarships for trucking and diesel students. Honolulu Community College offers a Diesel Mechanics Technology Scholarship that is awarded to high school seniors. Another option is the Hana Lima Scholarship.

Attending Truck Driving School in Hawaii

When you decide to study diesel technology in Hawaii, you have to choose which type of program you want to complete. Most schools have multiple options; Honolulu Community College offers three program choices. You can complete an Associate’s degree in two years, a Certificate of Achievement in under one year, and a Certificate of Completion in about one year. Hawaii Community College has two options. You can complete an Associate’s degree in two years or a Certificate of Achievement in just over one year.

Diesel technology programs in Hawaii offer you plenty of hands-on practical experience. You’ll need to spend lots of time in your school’s garage or lab. Your practical learning hours allow you to work with different vehicle parts to hone your skills. If you attend a school with small class sizes, you may get more one-on-one help.

Truck Driving Jobs in Hawaii

Salaries in Hawaii tend to be higher than national averages, since the overall cost of living tends to be higher.

Below you can find a graph outlining Hawaii trucking and diesel mechanic salaries compared to the nationwide average. All data was retrieved from Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015).

Since Hawaii is made up of a string of islands, there are not many truck driving opportunities. Most trucking graduates drive tour buses. As a diesel mechanic, you may be able to work for trucking companies or repair shops. Major employers include Rush Truck Centers, Rush Administrative Services, and Penske. The job outlook for both roles is strong. The demand for truck drivers is expected to increase by 17%, and the demand for diesel mechanics is expected to increase by 12% (O*Net).

Truck Driving Schools Near Me

Hawaii Truck Driving Schools

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