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Apply for Truck Driving Schools in Vermont and Earn Your CDL

A career in trucking or diesel technology can improve your career opportunities and income potential. Get your start at one of the four trucking schools in Vermont. These schools have an average tuition cost of $12,024, but there are significant financial aid opportunities that can help you save money. The average class size in Vermont is only 11 students, which can help you get more from your classroom time.

If you study diesel technology at Vermont Technical College, you can take advantage of their significant scholarship list. Available scholarships include the Shorey-Harvey Scholarship and the Tonis-Weil Memorial Scholarship.

Comparing Vermont Trucking Schools

Choosing to complete a truck driving program can prepare you for a career in one of the fastest-growing industries in Vermont. VT Digger reports that the forestry industry, which relies heavily on trucking, is growing quickly. Many of Vermont’s truck driving schools boast small class sizes. With small class sizes, you can ask questions, get more driving experience, and get a more personalized education experience. Vermont schools with small class sizes include Northeast Driver Qualifiers, Champlain Valley Truck Driver Training School, and Vermont Truck Driver Training.

If you decide to study diesel technology, it’s important to choose a program that offers a thorough education in all types of diesel engines. At Vermont Tech, you can complete a two-year Associate’s degree program in diesel technology. In addition to diesel courses, you get a well-rounded education in general education subjects.

Hit the Road with a Trucking Career in Vermont

Because trucking professionals are in high demand, you may be able to earn a competitive salary upon starting your career.

Below you can find a graph outlining Vermont trucking and diesel mechanic salaries compared to the average trucking salary nationwide. All data was retrieved from Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015).

Vermont is home to many large trucking employers, including A&R Transport, Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Schneider, and Central Transport. You may work at a repair shop, truck dealership, or trucking company. If you are a truck driver, you can be self-employed by becoming an owner-operator. Vermont has a strong job outlook. O*Net predicts a 10% increase in demand for truck drivers. They also anticipate a 9% increase in demand for diesel mechanics.

Truck Driving Schools Near Me

Vermont Truck Driving Schools

Champlain Valley Driver Training School - Milton

Northeast Driver Training - Rockingham

Northeast Driver Training - Chester

Pro Driver Training - Milton

Stafford Technical Center - Rutland

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