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Are you ready to start comparing Idaho truck driving schools?

Before comparing such schools as CR England Truck Driving School, you should quickly read these tips for making the process smoother. Whether you want to work a local, regional, or OTR trucking job, earning your CDL is the way to go. And it all starts with a quality program.

Here Are Some Trucking School Qualities To Compare
Financial Aid
Does your truck driving school offer financial help? Sure, most Federal aid programs don’t extend to CDL training, but there are scholarships, grants, and several ways training can be affordable. Sometimes, Idaho trucking schools will offer financing options. Other times, companies may pay for your training as long as you make certain commitments to work for them after completion. This is one benefit to attending CR England trucking school, since they hire drivers all over the country to fill all kinds of roles.

You know what feels good? Knowing you can haul hazardous materials or oversized loads cross-country, no matter what the weather conditions, knowing you can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at you. Sure, no driver is perfect. But that’s why you should consider truck-driving schools that offer endorsements.

Endorsements You Can Earn:

  • Doubles/Triples
  • Tanker
  • Air Brake
  • And more!

By earning these additional skills and qualifications, you can pursue more types of trucking jobs. Plus, many of these positions pay a higher salary, since they require these endorsements.

Employment Help
Before you pull the trigger and enroll, make sure you choose a trucking school that knows employers. Many do, so it’s not something you should be too worried about. But, you should always ask what employers hire their graduates. That’s why it’s important to compare several before making your final choice.Idaho State University has several different scholarships you can apply for if you are a diesel technology student. One option is the Diesel Technology Scholarship. You can also apply for the Electrical Generating Association Coren Memorial Scholarship at Idaho State University.

Trucking School Information in Idaho

One of the main benefits of attending school in Idaho is the fact that so many schools offer small class sizes. Small class sizes have many benefits, no matter if you’re a diesel technology student or truck driving student. Attending a diesel technology program that has small class sizes allows you to work more closely with your instructors to hone your vehicle repair skills. If you go to a truck driving program with small class sizes, you may be able to enjoy more one-on-one truck driving hours. Schools with small class sizes include SAGE, B & T Truck Driving School, Boise State University, and Eastern Idaho Technical College.

An important factor that may play into your school choice is program length. In general, truck driving schools have shorter programs. You may be able to complete your driving training in four to eight weeks. A certificate in diesel technology may take one year.

Working in the Idaho Trucking Industry

As a new truck driver or diesel mechanic, your salary is mostly affected by experience and licensure.

You can find a graph below outlining Idaho trucking and diesel mechanic salaries compared to the nationwide salary average. All data was retrieved from Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015).

There are many employment options for new trucking graduates in Idaho, and the job outlook is very favorable for both careers. Large trucking employers in Idaho include C.R. England, May Trucking, Gordon Trucking, and Haney Trucking. O*Net predicts a 13% increase in jobs for truck drivers between 2012 and 2022. They expect a 15% increase in jobs for diesel mechanics in that same time frame (BLS).

Truck Driving Schools Near Me

Idaho Truck Driving Schools

College of Eastern Idaho - Idaho Falls

College of Southern Idaho - Twin Falls

College of Western Idaho Professional Truck Driving - Nampa

Idaho CDL Training - Boise

Knight Transportation - Idaho Falls

Sage Truck Driving School - Caldwell

Sage Truck Driving School - Blackfoot

Sage Truck Driving School - Coeur d'Alene

Swift Transportation - Lewiston

Top Gun Truck Driving Academy - Twin Falls

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