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Would you like to spend your workdays in the garage, working on trucks and other large vehicles, or on the highway attending to repair emergencies? If this sounds like the ideal job for you, it may be time to earn a degree in diesel technology. This field offers a range of hands-on training in many different areas of diesel technology. In Blackwood, there is one school with a diesel technology degree: Pennco Tech. The average scholarship award here is $6,534.

Some of the topics covered in this degree program are tool and workplace safety, troubleshooting procedures, and engine safety basics.

Blackwood is a mid-sized New Jersey city that's currently home to over 4,500 people. It is served by local and national highways like New Jersey Route 42, New Jersey Route 168, and New Jersey Highway 27. Employers in this area include NFI, Amen Delivery Company, and Marten Transport.

Trucking Schools in Blackwood
• Offers Diesel Mechanic Programs
• Small Campus
• Suburban Setting
$6,534 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards