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As an Illinois resident, you likely know how important the trucking field is in your state. There are many trucking companies in this area that look to recent trucking school graduates to fill their vacancies. In the city of Galesburg, there is one truck driving school: Uptown Driver Training.

When you attend truck driving school, you can choose which license is right for you. It might only take two weeks to earn a Class B license, which allows you to drive straight trucks up to a certain weight. You may be in school for about six weeks to earn a Class A license, which allows you to drive straight trucks and tractor-trailers.

Galesburg is an affordable city; its cost of living is almost 20% below the national average. Knox Highway and U.S. Highway 150 run through this city. Trucking companies in this area include DCM Transport and Bertis Carlson Trucking.

Trucking Schools in Galesburg
Uptown Driver Training - Galesburg
• Offers Truck Driving Programs