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Are you self-motivated, a dedicated worker, and able to stick to safe driving standards? If so, you may be a great candidate for a truck driving program in Illinois. This state is home to many companies that hire truck drivers to drive all over the country. In Des Plaines, there is one truck driving school: Presto Driving School.

Presto Driving School is located near major Des Plaines highways, permitting students to get experience in a variety of settings and roads. In addition, you can learn about Illinois driving laws and how to comply with federal trucking standards. Your education may take about four to eight weeks.

With major trucking companies like Dayton Freight Lines, Midwest Express, Old Dominion Freight Line, and Con-Way Freight, Des Plaines is a city that is crucial in the state trucking industry. Local highways like Northwest Highway and Busse Highway serve the city's 58,800 residents.

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Presto Driving School
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