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With the trucking industry growing at an unprecedented pace, this is a great time to pursue a trucking education in Georgetown. There are three truck driving schools in Georgetown, including two dedicated truck driving schools and Delaware Technical Community College. The average cost of tuition in this area is $3,242. The average scholarship award is $1,419. Each class has, on average, 15 students.

At Delaware Technical Community College, you can earn a Class A driver's license. One benefit of this program is the fact that you can earn transferable college credits while getting your truck driving license.

The small town of Georgetown is home to 6,600 people. Some of the largest highways in Georgetown include U.S. Route 9, Dupont Highway, and County Seat Highway. There are many prominent truck driving employers in this area, including Reed Trucking Company, Trinity Logistics, Rifenburg Trucking, and Con-Way Freight.

In this region, light truck drivers have higher salaries than heavy truck drivers. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, light truck drivers earn an average of $41,670 per year. They note that heavy truck drivers earn an average of $40,800 (BLS, 2013).

Trucking Schools in Georgetown
Delaware Tech Community College
• Offers Truck Driving Programs
• Offers Truck Driving Programs
• Small Campus
• Suburban Setting
$2,880 Tuition Cost
$1,419 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards