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Whether you want to become a truck driver or diesel mechanic, your path to a new career may start in Springdale, Arkansas. That's because Springdale is home to Northwest Technical Institute, a school that offers both diesel technology and truck driving programs. Tuition costs about $2,195 and the average scholarship award is $660.

At Northwest Technical Institute, the diesel technology program leads to entry-level careers for diesel technicians. This school allows you to work with many different types of diesel vehicles and engines while learning about safety regulations in the industry. You can also get real experience with local employers.

Springdale has a wide variety of trucking employers, like Dabco Supply, Con-Way Freight, PAM Transportation Services, and Comstar Enterprises. These companies may require you to travel on local highways like Arkansas Highway 412 and Arkansas Highway 265. As a Springdale resident, you can enjoy a fairly low cost of living.

Trucking Schools in Springdale
• Offers Diesel Mechanic Programs, • Offers Truck Driving Programs
• Small Campus
• Urban Setting
$1,890 Tuition Cost
$660 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards
• Small Class Sizes
NW Technical Institute Trk Driver Trg
• Offers Truck Driving Programs