Find Local Trucking Schools Near You

Ready to find the school that can help you reach your career goals? Our state pages make it easy to find schools near you. You can look for diesel programs or truck driving programs; in many cases, the same schools offer both programs.

We know that affordability is one of the biggest factors that influences your education decision. Thanks to low educational costs across the country, you can earn a thorough education without taking on a lot of student debt! States with inexpensive tuition costs for trucking and diesel students include California, Kansas, Arizona, Utah, and Texas. If you don't live in one of these states, don't give up hope! Even in states with higher average tuition costs, there are often inexpensive education options.

What to Look For

How do you pick the right school for you? It can be hard to know, especially if you live near lots of schools! You may have more options if you live in large transportation hubs like Illinois, Indiana, California, Texas, and Alabama.

If you have a rigid work schedule, that can be one way to narrow down your list of schools. You want to choose a school that fits around your work schedule, and there are many schools that offer evening or weekend options for students that work during the day.

It's also essential to pick a school that fits your budget. Don't just look at the cost of tuition; consider financial aid as well, since great financial aid opportunities can often make up for higher tuition costs.
When you meet with a student advisor, consider asking about job placement rates. Lots of diesel technology and trucking schools have excellent job placement rates, and you want the best chance of success when you graduate.

Your School Schedule

Plan on sticking to a busy schedule as a trucking student! Your schedule depends on whether you study trucking or diesel technology. Trucking programs are usually only four to eight weeks long, so you can plan on being in class for eight hours per day. On the other hand, diesel technology programs are typically one to two years. You may only need to spend 15 hours in class every week.

Many of these schools cater to students with work schedules, so look around! Whether you need daytime, evening, or weekend classes, you can likely fit a school that can meet your schedule.