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Top Tips For Studying for the Air Brakes Test Why Should I Get My Air Brakes Endorsement? If you’re looking into getting your commercial driver’s license, you may discover that the general knowledge test isn’t the only test you need to take if you want a full Class A license. In many states, failing the […]

Tips For Studying for the CDL Passenger Test Why Should I Get My Passenger Endorsement? Being able to transport passengers is a huge advantage to have in your trucking career. Many commercial vehicles are designed to hold large groups of people, and that task comes with different challenges than general truck driving. If you get […]

The Guide for Studying for the CDL Combination Vehicles Test Why Should I Get My Combination Vehicles Endorsement? The trucking industry is constantly changing. Trucking companies add new types of tractors and trailers, get new customers with different needs, and rearrange hauls to make the most of their drivers’ miles. The more different trucks and […]

The Definitive Truck Driving Tanker Test Study Guide Why Should I Get My Tanker Endorsement? You are working toward your commercial driver’s license, or perhaps you’re looking for a way to make your commercial driver’s license more competitive in the workplace. A tanker endorsement may be just what you need. Endorsements allow you to perform […]

Where Can I Get a DOT Physical?

AT Staff - 02/18/2016

Where Can I Get My DOT Physical Done? Where can I take my DOT Physical? Before you begin the process of getting your commercial driver’s license, you must meet the physical requirements of the trucking industry. Find out where you can get your DOT physical exam and take the next step in your new career. […]

The TWIC Card: What It Is and When You Need It In the course of your trucking career, you may bring loads to a variety of places. However, if you need to drive to sensitive or protected locations, it’s likely that you’ll need to go through additional security steps or provide government identification. The TWIC […]

Top GPS Models for Truck Driving Top GPS Models for Trucking If you already work in the transportation industry then you know how important it is to find the best truck GPS navigation for several reasons. Obviously, drivers need to know how to get to where they’re going – but GPS systems can offer drivers […]

Tips for Staying Awake for Truck Drivers Tips for Staying Awake for Truck Drivers Call it what you want: zoning out, drifting off, highway hypnosis, or drowsy driving. No matter what you call the sensation, the effect is the same. Getting tired or sleepy while driving puts you and others on the road at huge […]

Tips for Pre-Trip Inspections

AT Staff - 02/18/2016

Tips for Pre-Trip Inspections Great Tips for Your Trucking Inspection The pre-trip inspection is one of the most important parts of any drive. If you get stopped or your vehicle gets inspected, you want to know that you thoroughly checked every single part of your vehicle before hitting the road. Since a pre-trip inspection can […]

Tips for Finding the Best CB Radio Top Bets for CB Radios A good CB radio is essential for communication while on the road. In addition to providing essential information on crashes, safety risks, and traffic concerns, CB radios also provide entertainment and company to truckers. To answer the question “What is the best CB […]