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Tips for Finding the Best CB Radio

Top Bets for CB Radios

A good CB radio is essential for communication while on the road. In addition to providing essential information on crashes, safety risks, and traffic concerns, CB radios also provide entertainment and company to truckers. To answer the question “What is the best CB radio?” you have to consider the features you want, your budget, and what is practical inside your truck.

Features to Look For in CB Radios

Many people go into CB radio shopping with the intention of looking for the radio with the longest range, but that does not help you narrow down your options. With very few exceptions, CB radios transmit with 4 watts of power. Unless you specifically buy a long-range radio, a type of SSB equipped radio, you’ll get the exact same range on any CB radio. Instead, look for a radio that is known for picking up a clear signal.

There are many features that you can use to find the best CB radio. If you want to minimize the amount of background noise, look for an automatic noise limited radio. You can also select a radio that offers instant access to channel 9, the emergency channel, and channel 19, the one most commonly used by truckers. If you commonly drive at night, a radio with a backlit display may be much easier for you to use.

Keep reading to find out which CB radios have the best features for truck drivers.

Cobra 29 CB Radios

Cobra makes a range of CB radios known as the Cobra 29 radios. These models include the Cobra 29 LX, the Cobra 29 LTD, and the Cobra 29 Classic. Cobra 29 radios are full sized radios, so you do need a decent amount of space in your truck cabin to use one.

They offer many different features, including weather channels, backlit displays, color LED displays, Bluetooth, a diagnostic system, and the ability to store your 10 most frequently used channels. It comes with automatic access to channel 9 and channel 19.

Midland 75-822

If space is a concern, the answer to “What is the best CB radio?” may very well be the Midland 75-822. It is a portable CB radio that solves many problems commonly found in other portable CB radios. It can be used as an in-truck system with a longer antenna or you can swap the long antenna for a small rubber antenna when you need to carry it around with you.

Uniden Pro520XL CB Radio

This 40-channel radio is often rated as the top CB radio among truck drivers. The automatic noise limiting feature makes it easier to communicate without excess static and background noise. With external speakers, it can be used as a Public Address system. Although it comes with all of these features, it’s a very compact radio. It also comes with the mounting bracket and hardware you need to install it in your truck.

Galaxy DX-949

Galaxy is a trusted name in the world of best CB radios, and for good reason. It is designed for safe use on the road, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road to change settings and channels. The channel display features large yellow digits for quick and easy identification. The dimmer control lets you choose what features you want displayed and which ones you want to hide. It is equipped with a noise filter circuit that boosts weak SSB signals and clears up background noise. This model is larger than many other CB radios, but it is also one of the most convenient models for long drives.

Uniden Bearcat CB Radio

The Uniden Bearcat Radio is basically the Cadillac of CB radios. In addition to standard features that come with most radios, this model comes with an adjustable backlit display that is designed to be easily read with a quick glance, a noise canceling microphone, access to 40 channels, a weather alert system, and functionality with the Uniden wireless microphone.

A reliable CB radio can make any drive seem a lot shorter and minimize on-the-road isolation. If you are looking for your next CB radio, start off with one of these top bets.