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Where Can I Get My DOT Physical Done?

Where can I take my DOT Physical?

Before you begin the process of getting your commercial driver’s license, you must meet the physical requirements of the trucking industry. Find out where you can get your DOT physical exam and take the next step in your new career.

Federal Physical Requirements

For many years, truck drivers could go to any licensed doctor and get a medical certificate that remained valid for two years. In 2014, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration created the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

Now, all drivers must get their DOT physical form filled out by a Certified Medical Examiner. This requirement still includes many care providers, but health care providers must specifically train for and seek CME certification. After you get your medical certificate, it must be renewed every two years.

Primary Care Doctors

Your primary care doctor may be qualified to administer your DOT physical exam. Find out for sure before making an appointment. With the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners, you can find an examiner located in or near your city or ZIP code. If your care provider is listed on the registry, they can perform your exam.

Truck Stop Clinics

Realizing how difficult it is to get a physical if you drive a lot and spend weeks on the road at a time, many truck stops have added health clinics to their services (Journal Times, 2016). These clinics are staffed by Certified Medical Examiners, making it easy for you to get a follow-up exam on the road. This type of program also helps truck drivers get preventive care when needed, improving overall health in this industry.

No matter where you go, make sure you check the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners for your health care provider’s name. A licensed provider knows the DOT physical requirements and sends in the DOT physical form for you. Completing this step allows you to move onto training and testing for your commercial driver’s license.