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As a truck driver, you likely have your own ideas about where you prefer to work and travel. It seems that the general consensus is that the majority of CDL drivers prefer to drive through the Midwest and southern states. Highly populated areas such as California and other western states may pose challenges to truck drivers in making their deliveries on time. In New England and New York City, CDL and delivery drivers can face the same problems. The roads are just too crowded. In the south, there are more open roads and back roads that can be taken to get to each destination.

Major roadways in densely populated cities can make traveling difficult for tractor trailers. Not only does it burn extra fuel but also it cuts down on how far the driver can get in a day due to the Federal driving regulations. Maybe you are one of the truck drivers that does not have a preference as to a specific region. If you like to travel the entire country and make your way back to your home state for some down time, any region could be right for you.

There are also jobs working with moving companies or the post office that don't require a CDL. These could be a great option if you want to stay closer to home.

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