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Why Should I Get My Doubles and Triples Endorsement? A Class A, B, or C driver’s license is a good start to your trucking career, but taking your education further with the doubles and triples test can expand the job titles and loads that you qualify for. A doubles and triples endorsement is a fairly quick and simple way to do more with your license and apply for a greater variety of... more
Why Should I Get My Air Brakes Endorsement? If you're looking into getting your commercial driver’s license, you may discover that the general knowledge test isn't the only test you need to take if you want a full Class A license. In many states, failing the air brakes test means that you get a restriction placed on your license. This restriction keeps you from driving trucks with air... more
What Kind of Truck Driving Certifications Exsist? You’ve likely been attracted to the field of truck driving because you’re aware that you can earn a pretty competitive salary in this field. However, if you’re willing to spend a little bit more time in school and take a couple of extra tests, you may be able to boost your income considerably. Many states have different trucking... more
Trucking Jobs and Opportunities for Veterans Military veterans often build an impressive set of mechanical and knowledge-based skills, as well as leadership capabilities that they can apply in civilian roles once they fulfill their sworn duties. Trucking schools and carriers recognize these high quality character traits and the job skills our veterans possess. That’s why vets... more
How Much Does Truck Driving School Cost? As you start to consider attending trucking school and think about how it could change your life, it’s important to think about the financial investment involved in becoming a truck driver. Finding out how much truck driving school costs can help you prepare adequately for this part of your life and ensure that your finances are in order.
What happens if I have an accident while driving a truck? Car accidents are one of the scariest experiences you can go through, but it’s even worse if you do it in a work vehicle when you drive for a living. If you have recently had a vehicle accident while on the job as a truck driver, you may be wondering how this will affect your career and if you’ll still be able to drive a truck...
What are the Different Types of Truck Driving Endorsments? When you go to apply for your CDL or your learner’s permit, you may have to tell the DMV which endorsements you are interested in earning. Endorsements are simply extra permissions you can add to your CDL. Endorsements allow you to transport certain types of goods or drive specific types of vehicles that are otherwise not... more
How can I find information about tuition reimbursement for trucking school? Figuring out how you’re going to pay for your education may be one of the most daunting steps of getting ready for a new career, no matter which type of training you plan on completing. Luckily, trucking is a growing and in-demand field with plenty of financing options. As a new student, you may have... more
What are the different kinds of truck drivers? One of the largest benefits of working as a truck driver is the wide variety of job titles and specialized job types you can apply for. In some cases, these jobs require specialized training or additional education. In other cases, these jobs simply require you to be interested in new responsibilities and willing to learn a new skill.... more