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Can I become a trucker if I have a prior police record or traffic tickets? Truck driving is a field that can create opportunities for a wide variety of people. However, if your criminal history or driving history isn’t exactly spotless, you may wonder if you even qualify for a commercial driver's license. Learn about driving problems and criminal issues to find out if you’re a good... more
How does getting a DUI affect my CDL? Getting a ticket for driving under the influence is a serious violation, both for personal and commercial drivers. However, it may have even more serious consequences if you have a commercial driver’s license. This is even true if you are operating a personal vehicle when you get a DUI, since those who earn commercial drivers’ licenses are... more
What will I learn in my CDL training? If you’ve never driven a straight truck or tractor-trailer before, it may seem fairly straightforward. As long as you drive safely and have a solid route to follow, you should be ready to go, right? Actually, CDL training is a comprehensive educational program that covers many different aspects of safely navigating a large truck around the... more
How can I study for my CDL? Before you can start your career as a commercial truck driver, you have to go through the commercial drivers licensing process layout by your state. This includes at least two exams: a written exam and a skills exam. If you want to get additional endorsements on your license, you may have to complete even more than that. Studying extensively for these... more
How much time will I need to commit to a CDL program? As you look into truck driving schools in your area, you may see that most truck driving programs are full-time. If you’re dedicating 40 hours a week to your truck driving training, you may be unable to work until you get your CDL. Knowing how long CDL programs last can help you plan accordingly, ensure that you can take time off... more
Are there scholarships or grants available for trucking school? Coming up with the money to go to school can be intimidating, even if you know that it’s a great investment that can change your future. Luckily, the field of trucking has a significant shortage of drivers. Because of how rapidly this industry is growing, many organizations and employers hope to make trucking school more... more
Why Should I Get My Tanker Endorsement? You are working toward your commercial driver’s license, or perhaps you're looking for a way to make your commercial driver’s license more competitive in the workplace. A tanker endorsement may be just what you need. Endorsements allow you to perform specific trucking functions that most drivers cannot do. As a result, earning an endorsement... more
Why Should I Get My Combination Vehicles Endorsement? The trucking industry is constantly changing. Trucking companies add new types of tractors and trailers, get new customers with different needs, and rearrange hauls to make the most of their drivers’ miles. The more different trucks and vehicles you can drive, the easier it may be for you to adjust as the industry changes, get the... more
Why Should I Get My Hazardous Materials Endorsement? When you find out how much time and studying it takes to get a hazardous materials endorsement, you may be wondering how this endorsement can improve your career and pay off for you. A hazardous materials endorsement is in high demand in the trucking industry. With the potential danger in these materials, truckers must go through... more
Why Should I Get My Passenger Endorsement? Being able to transport passengers is a huge advantage to have in your trucking career. Many commercial vehicles are designed to hold large groups of people, and that task comes with different challenges than general truck driving. If you get a school bus or passenger endorsement, you can legally drive groups of 16 or more people. This... more