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Hourly pay is not a common occurrence in the truck driving industry. It has its pros and cons, as with any other job. While it may seem that being paid hourly as a truck driver is beneficial, it is not always lucrative. For local drivers, hourly pay is a better option. Route drivers are usually paid overtime, but other truck driving positions do not pay overtime. It is straight pay,... more
Truck drivers that are paid per mile see varying wages depending on their experience, the region they work in and the company they are employed with. A majority of trucking companies pay between $0.28 and $0.40 cents per mile according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. A few companies do pay up to $0.45 cents per mile. These types of jobs require more skill and are for drivers with... more
Truck Driving Pay Structure Some truck drivers get paid hourly. Many of the hourly paid company truck drivers drive either locally or regionally. There is a pretty large gap in the rage of their pay within the same job descriptions especially when comparing some of the union jobs to non union truck driving jobs. The range can be all the way from $7 or $8 dollars up to $16 dollars for... more
Where can I take my DOT Physical? Before you begin the process of getting your commercial driver’s license, you must meet the physical requirements of the trucking industry. Find out where you can get your DOT physical exam and take the next step in your new career. Federal Physical Requirements For many years, truck drivers could go to any licensed doctor and get a medical... more