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It is no secret that over the road, or OTR, truck drivers make the best money. Walmart is one of the highest paying, with an average salary of $71,500 per year before bonuses. Over the road drivers are paid more due to the type of travel, the hours involved and all of the different road laws that must be followed in each state. OTR drivers are also held to much higher standards. They... more
How to Beat Being Lonely on the Road There’s a lot to like about the trucking industry—the money, not being stuck behind a desk, working on your own, and the opportunity to become an owner-operator, to name a few benefits. But like all jobs, with the benefits of truck driving, you also have to deal with the downsides of this industry. Loneliness is a major problem for lots of truck... more
State Trucking Associations Alabama Trucking Association Alaska Trucking Association Arizona Trucking Association Arkansas Trucking Association California Trucking Association Colorado Motor Carriers Association Florida Trucking Association Georgia Motor Trucking Association Hawaii Transportation Association Idaho Trucking Association Illinois Trucking Association Indiana... more
What is a Lease Purchase Truck Driving Job? Whether you have been in the truck driving industry for years or you’re just starting your truck driving journey, you’ve likely considered the benefits of truck ownership. As a truck owner, you may be able to keep more of your pay, drive a truck that best suits your needs, and become self-employed when you feel ready for that stage of your... more
Are you thinking about becoming a livestock hauler? If you live in a city where livestock is frequently transported locally, regionally or across the country, you might be thinking about these types of trucking positions. Livestock hauling might not be for every kind of trucker. Remember, you’re dealing with live animals. This isn’t haulin’ BBQ sauce to Wal-Mart. You might be rollin... more
Interested in a Local Truck Driving Job? Are you interested in driving a truck for a living but want to be able to return home on a daily basis? If you’re considering putting your driving skills to use in a local truck driving career, keep reading to learn more about what it’s like to work in this career. You can also find jobs driving locally directly from our site. As a local... more
Interested in a OTR Truck Driving Job? Read Here and Apply on Whether you’ve been in the trucking industry for ten years or you’re just getting started as a truck driver, you’ve likely seen OTR job listings during your job search. Over-the-road driving is one of the most in-demand truck driving jobs in many parts of the United States. This may be due to the amount of... more
If you’re checking out this page for O/O Truck Driver salaries, then you already more than likely know the ins and outs of a Class A CDL. If you don’t, we have another page that is dedicated to the salary... more
Reefer Truck Driving Jobs Food is one of the main products transported by truck drivers. In some cases, food and perishable goods are transported clear across the country by skilled truck drivers. Driving a refrigerated truck (also known as a “reefer” in the trucking industry) requires extra responsibility and job tasks, so it may be a great way for you to take your trucking... more
Regional Truck Driving Jobs in America As a professional truck driver, you may be looking for balance. You want to spend time on the road and get familiar with your assigned routes, but you also want to return home on a fairly regular basis. If you’re looking for a truck driving career that offers the best of local truck driving jobs and over-the-road truck driving jobs, consider... more