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Here is the Top News in Truck Driving Jobs for 2016 2015 was a great year for the trucking industry. The industry as a whole saw huge growth, which meant more miles and more money for truck drivers like you. Heading into 2016, what does the field of truck driving have in store? Learn more about some of the biggest stories in truck driving jobs for 2016. Record Number of Trucking... more
Here are Alltruckings Top Instragrams to Follow We can’t think of a better use of social media for truckers to use than Instagram. This photo app is perfect for showcasing life on the road: from scenic views to products being shipped, infographs about the industry and other relevant content that fits the context of the app. If you are one of the many truckers on IG and want to know... more
Ten Trucking Twitter Accounts You absolutely Must Follow According to a 2013 article by AdWeek, a world-renowned advertising publication, 68% of trucking companies use social media. The same article states that two-thirds of those companies use Twitter. There can be several reasons for a transportation company to have a presence on this platform. Even though it may not seem like an... more
Alltruckings Top 10 SubReddits and Reddit Categories for Truck Drivers Let’s say you want to follow the latest discussions and social media buzz about the trucking life, industry, news, and other related content. And let’s say you also wanted to chronicle your experiences on the road for others to learn from, laugh along with, or find useful. There are many trucking SubReddit and... more
Truck Driver Cooking Equipment and Supplies Have you gotten into the habit of eating on the go and relying on truck stops, gas stations, and fast food? We’ve all been there. Not only does this type of eating tank your budget, it can do a number on your health, too. With a little bit of planning and the right tools, you can get cooking on the road, enjoy more energy, and leave more... more
The Story of Chester England Quick, name three truck driving companies off the top of your head. Chances are good that CR England was among the companies you named. CR England is one of the oldest truck driving companies in the United States, and it is also one of the most successful. The story of Chester England's rise from solo truck driver to founder of a huge trucking company can... more
What if… automated trucking takes over? Now that we are all familiar with Google’s driverless car initiative, and the buzz about a driverless trucking future, it’s not too hard to imagine how this will affect the future of the transportation industry. Is it time to freak out about robots and computers taking away trucking jobs? Will there be a day when all driving jobs are obsolete?... more
How Different would Trucking be if it was Majority Women? There is currently a big disparity between the number of women in the workforce and in management positions compared to the number of women in trucking. If you want to know ‘How many women are in trucking?’ here you go… According to a May 2016 article, the driver population for truckers is only 6% female, compared with women... more