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Whether you want to become a diesel mechanic that fixes trucks or a truck driver that spends most of your time on the open road, you can get started in the city of Pasadena. This city has one school that offers both programs: San Jacinto Community College. The average cost of tuition in this area is $2,296 and the average scholarship award is $743.

The diesel technology program includes two degree options: an Associate's degree and a certificate of technology. To earn a truck driving certificate, you must complete 410 hours of classroom and on-the-road training.

With its very low cost of living and 152,000 residents, Pasadena is a popular choice for new transportation professionals. Spencer Highway and Texas State Highway 225 run through Pasadena. Local trucking employers include Dual Trucking, Frontier Logistics, Wallport Transit Express, Clark Freight Lines, and Stiles Truck Line.

Trucking Schools in Pasadena
San Jacinto College Truck Driving School
• Offers Truck Driving Programs
• Offers Diesel Mechanic Programs
• Large Campus
• Suburban Setting
$2,016 Tuition Cost
$743 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards