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Are you interested in beginning a rewarding career in the trucking industry? As a diesel mechanic, you can earn a great salary, enjoy job security, and work independently. If you live in the city of Marshall, there's one school you can look into attending: Texas State Technical College. Tuition costs about $5,013 and the average scholarship award is $2,557.

There are several ways you can get started in the diesel technology industry. The first is a one-year certificate, which is made up of 18 credits. The second is an Associate's degree, which requires four semesters of study.

When you live in Marshall, you join the city's 24,700 residents. The cost of living in this area is fairly low. State Highway Loop 390, I-20, and U.S. Highway 80 run through Marshall. Some trucking companies in this area are Hodges Trucking Company, Fowler Transportation, Joshua's Trucking, and Arnold Trucking.

Trucking Schools in Marshall
• Offers Diesel Mechanic Programs
• Small Campus
• Suburban Setting
$3,357 Tuition Cost
$2,557 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards