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If you have always wondered what a career in diesel technology would be like, now is the perfect time to enroll in a North Dakota diesel technology program. Demand for diesel mechanics is increasing all over the country, and a certificate or Associate's degree in diesel technology can help you jump start your career.

There are two schools in North Dakota with diesel mechanic programs. The average cost of tuition in the state is $4180. However, the average scholarship amount is $2383, which can considerably lower the amount of money you spend on school. North Dakota students enjoy an average class size of 18 students, providing a nice balance between peer interaction and professor and direction.

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Students in North Dakota can choose between an Associate's degree program or a certificate program. An Associate's degree requires general education courses, so if this is the path you choose, you may have to take courses in mathematics, English, and humanities. Both types of programs emphasize technical knowledge and practical skills, so you can expect to spend plenty of time in the classroom and in the lab. Some of the classes you may take at this level include Diesel System Controls, Advanced Diesel Engines, Equipment Management Systems, and Diesel Engines.

You do not need any special license or certification to work as a diesel mechanic in North Dakota. Many diesel mechanics do choose to pursue ASE certification, because it can help you find jobs and demonstrate your knowledge to prospective employers. To become ASE certified, you have to complete two years of work as a diesel mechanic. Then you can choose the exam you want to take and get your certification.

Work as a Diesel Mechanic in North Dakota

If you choose to work in North Dakota as a diesel mechanic, the odds are good that you can find a job that you love. This is because the demand for diesel mechanics is growing very fast in North Dakota. According to O*Net, job openings for diesel mechanics in North Dakota are expected to increase by 39% between 2010 and 2020. This is significantly faster than the national average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Job growth for diesel mechanics across the nation is expected to increase by 15% through 2020 (BLS, 2010).

You may be able to significantly increase your earning potential by working as a diesel mechanic. In North Dakota, the median salary for diesel mechanics is $43,300 per year (O*Net, 2012). The given range of salaries goes from $30,800 per year to $58,800 per year. You may be able to earn a higher salary with experience and seniority.

No two diesel mechanics have the exact same working conditions, partially due to the wide range of job tasks required of diesel mechanics. Most diesel mechanics work daytime hours, while others work evening or on-call hours. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in addition to full-time daytime hours, many diesel mechanics also work evening, weekend, and overtime hours. Most diesel mechanic employers in the United States are leasing companies, auto dealerships, trucking companies, and repair shops. In North Dakota, major employers include Nelson Leasing, Rush Truck Centers, Amerit Fleet, and InterState Power Systems. Most of these employers are located in larger cities, but some are located in more rural areas.

Known for its rugged beauty and wilderness, North Dakota is perfect for you if you enjoy the peace and quiet of rural living. While there are some large cities in North Dakota, including Fargo, Bismarck, and Grand Forks, most of the state is covered in rural or suburban communities. The cost of living in North Dakota is about 7% lower than the national average, as reported by Sperling's Best Places. There are many wonderful attractions to visit in North Dakota, including national parks, zoos, and museums. Since so much of the state is rural, there are many real estate opportunities for home buyers.

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