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Located near major cities in New York, West Babylon has many educational opportunities for prospective truck drivers. Commercial Driver Training is located in this city. You can opt for a Class A license, which takes about six weeks, or a Class B license, which may take less than two weeks.

Whichever commercial driver's license you decide to complete, you should be prepared for lots of hands-on driving experience. By the time you graduate, you may spend well over 100 hours behind the wheel of a truck. You can only do your driving hours after finishing the classroom part of your training.

West Babylon may have many career opportunities for you as a new truck driver. In fact, the manufacturing industry experienced massive growth in New York in May of 2014. Some of the most prominent trucking employers in this city are Mbay Transportation, Amalia Services, J's Express, and Estes Express Lines.

You may find that salaries in this area are well above the national average. Those that drive tractor-trailers earned an average income of $45,920 in 2013, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Drivers of delivery trucks and light trucks reported a median salary of $37,400 (BLS, 2013).

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