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Before You Start Applying at Trucking Companies in Omaha...

In the large Midwestern city of Omaha, the trucking industry is huge. Trucks from all over the country stop in this city for repairs, fuel, and more. Becoming a diesel mechanic may give you the opportunity to work with all types of trucks and enjoy a rewarding career! Omaha has one diesel technology school, featuring an average tuition cost of $2,520 and an impressive average scholarship award of $1,640. At, we can help you contact local schools and look for a great career choice.

Find Your Niche in the Omaha Trucking Industry

If you're interested in earning a diesel technology degree in Omaha, you can look into Metropolitan Community College. You can choose from several degree options at Metropolitan Community College, including an Associate's degree in diesel technology or a career certificate in diesel service. These degree programs range from one to two years in length. This school also has the Cornhusker International/Childers Diesel Scholarship, which is only open to diesel technology students. This money can be used to help you purchase tools.

Explore Diesel Careers in Omaha

Upon completing your education and proving that you have the skills needed for an entry-level career in Omaha, you can start looking into this city's major diesel employers. Prominent diesel employers in this city include Interstate Power Systems, Rush Truck Centers, and Sapp Bros. Inc. Of course, salaries vary between employers and even within places of employment. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an average salary of $40,520 per year for Omaha diesel mechanics.

Omaha can be an affordable city to live in and an easy city to navigate. The cost of living in Omaha is 14% below the national average. The Lincoln Highway is a prominent part of Omaha.

The diesel industry is growing throughout the Midwest, so now's a great time to learn more! Contact our featured schools!

Trucking Schools in Omaha
• Offers Diesel Mechanic Programs
• Large Campus
• Urban Setting
$2,295 Tuition Cost
$1,640 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards