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Montana is known for its sparse population, which means that the trucking industry is an important part of this state's economy. You can travel all over Montana as a truck driver with an education from Fort Peck Community College, the main truck driving school in Poplar. Tuition costs about $2,250, which is offset by the average scholarship award of $1,224.

The truck driving program at Fort Peck Community College is designed to be completed in one full year of study. You take courses like Truck Driving I, Human Relations, and Vehicle Operations. You should be ready for all licensing exams upon graduation.

Despite Poplar's population of just 845 people, it is an important city in the trucking field. Two main highways, U.S. Highway 2 and Montana Highway 251, go through this city. There are many trucking companies, including Olson Transport, South Lake Trucking, Joslin Trucking, and TDR Transport.

Trucking Schools in Poplar
• Offers Truck Driving Programs
• Small Campus
• Rural Setting
$1,680 Tuition Cost
$1,224 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards
• Small Class Sizes