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Receive CDL Training in Kansas City

In the large city of Kansas City, Missouri, there are two schools that can help you get on the path to the transportation career you want. There's one option for prospective truck drivers and one option for those who want to become diesel mechanics. At AllTrucking.com, we can help you find the program that suits you.

Choosing Between Truck Driving Schools in Kansas City

At Vatterott College and American Truck Training, you can select the training program that meets your career goals and fits your schedule. The trucking programs in this area last four to eight weeks, depending on if you want a Class A or B license and if you plan on adding an endorsement to your license. American Truck Training offers a variety of driving programs.

If you'd like to become a diesel mechanic and work under the hood of a truck, check out Vatterott College. They can help you earn an Associate's degree or a certificate in diesel technology.

Working in the Kansas City Trucking Industry

You may be able to earn a pretty competitive salary as a truck driver or diesel mechanic in Kansas City! The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that heavy truck drivers earn an average of $44,470 per year and light truck drivers earn an average of $35,490 per year.

Getting into this industry may mean that you get to see a lot of the bustling metropolis. Several main highways run through Kansas City, including I-29, I-35, and U.S. 50. Some of the biggest employers in this area include C.R. England, Roadrunner Transportation Systems, and Jacobson Companies.

The trucking industry is growing now, so take advantage of these opportunities right away! Contact trucking schools in Kansas City to find out what you need to do to start your new career.

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