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Are you ready to become a truck driver and travel all over the southern United States? Whether you want to drive a straight truck or tractor-trailer, you can start by attending truck driving school. In the city of Saucier, Mississippi, Truck Driver Institute is the only truck driving school.

There are many benefits of attending Truck Driver Institute. They have a Class A driving training program that can prepare you for many different trucking jobs. They have an accelerated program that can be completed in just 15 days. You can also live on-site during your training period.

With a cost of living that's 23% below the national average, the city of Saucier is very affordable. Old Highway 49 and Mississippi Highway 67 run through this area. Some of the major trucking employers in this area are Shawn Petro Trucking, Havard Trucking, Triplett Trucking, and Midwest Coast Logistics.

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