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Are you interested in becoming a truck driver and beginning an exciting new career? If you are, there's one school in the Raymond area that you can look into attending. Hinds Community College offers truck driving and diesel technology programs. Tuition is approximately $2,060 and the average scholarship award is $933.

The truck driving program at HCC is very flexible. They offer night and day classes so that you can attend whenever it is convenient for you. If you want to become a diesel mechanic, there are two options you can pursue. You can complete an Associate's degree in two years or a certificate in one year.

Raymond is a fairly small Mississippi town that only has about 1,800 people. Highway 18 is the main highway that runs through this area, giving access to other Mississippi trucking hubs. Trucking companies in this area include Kat Daddy Trucking, Banes & Harris Transportation, and Wheeler Logistics.

Trucking Schools in Raymond
• Offers Diesel Mechanic Programs, • Offers Truck Driving Programs
• Large Campus
• Suburban Setting
$1,960 Tuition Cost
$933 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards