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Because of Mississippi's proximity to other important states in the trucking industry, it's a great place to start a truck driving career. The city of Decatur has one school with a truck driving program—East Central Community College. Their truck driver training program is designed to be completed in one semester or less.

While driving experience is an essential part of your trucking education, it is not the only part. Before you can get used to driving a tractor-trailer, you must know all of Mississippi's driving laws and the techniques used in driving a truck. You must also know the different components in a truck.

The cost of living in Decatur is 20% below the national average. There are two main trucking highways in this city: Highway 503 and Highway 15. Some of the most prominent truck driving employers include Tommy Smith Delivery, Paul T. Bounds Trucking, and Averitt Express.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that heavy truck drivers in this region can earn an average salary of $42,900 each year. The light truck drivers in this part of MS earn about $31,400 annually. (BLS, 2013).

Trucking Schools in Decatur
East Central CC Truck Driving Training
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