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Located in the northernmost part of the country, Maine has two schools available for students that want to study diesel technology. One school is located on the southern tip of the state, while the other schools located in northwest Maine. The average cost of tuition for diesel mechanic program in Maine is $3408. However, many students can get scholarships. The average scholarship award in the state is $744.

Diesel Mechanic Schools in Maine

One of the best parts of studying in Maine is the small class sizes. The average class in a diesel mechanic program contains only 14 students, giving you plenty of time to talk to the professor and ask questions. Admissions can be fairly competitive, as the average acceptance rate in Maine is 55%. However, with a strong application and essay, you stand a good chance of getting into your program of choice.

As you prepare to start your program, you may need to choose between an Associate's degree and a certificate. Both of these options are available at both Maine schools. And Associates degree may take you about two years to complete, because there are general education requirements in addition to diesel technology classes. Upon graduation, you can earn an Associate's degree in diesel hydraulics technology. A certificate in diesel technology takes only about one year to complete, but the credits may not transfer to an Associate's degree or Bachelor's degree program.

As in most of the states in the country, Maine does not have any licensing requirements for diesel mechanics. However, earning ASE certification can increase your career prospects and demonstrate your knowledge and skills to employers. You must first complete two years of work as a diesel mechanic before you can sit for an ASE exam. At that point, you can choose the exam you want to take. Upon successful completion of the exam, you receive ASE certification for five years.

Life as a Maine Diesel Mechanic

Nationwide, the job outlook for diesel mechanics is good. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 15% increase in job openings for diesel mechanics, which is about average across all occupations. They expect this to result in over 35,000 new jobs by 2020 (BLS, 2010). At 4% job growth, according to O*Net, Maine has slightly slower job growth. However, there is still a growing need for diesel mechanics in the state.

As a diesel mechanic in Maine, you can earn a very good salary. In general, you can expect to earn between $28,700 per year and $51,500 per year (O*Net, 2012). The median salary for diesel technicians in Maine is $38,600 (O*Net, 2012). Diesel mechanics can earn on the higher end of the salary by gaining lots of experience in the field or pursuing ASE certification.

Upon graduating from a diesel mechanic program, most graduates pursue entry-level work as a diesel mechanic. This can allow you to get the necessary work experience for ASE certification. Most diesel mechanic employers are leasing centers, auto repair shops, car dealerships, and trucking companies. Working at a leasing center or car dealership may allow you to work consistent daytime hours. On the other hand, auto repair shops and trucking companies often require diesel mechanics to work evening or weekend hours as needed.

There are many different diesel mechanic employers all over Maine. Some of the largest employers include Nelson Leasing, Rush Truck Centers, Atlas Copco Rentals, and Aerotek.

Located at the very top of New England, Maine offers a quaint, quiet way of life that many people love. In addition to having some of the best seafood in the country, people in Maine can enjoy beach views and quick trips to historic cities. Despite the upscale neighborhoods in Maine, it is still a very affordable state to live in. According to Sperling's Best Places, the cost of living of in Maine is about 5% higher than the national average. There are a variety of settings to live in if you choose to live in Maine. Some of the largest cities in Maine include Portland, Lewiston, and Bangor.

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