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Are you ready to start a career that can change your life, income potential, and career satisfaction? Now may be the perfect time to become a truck driver. As a truck driver, you may be able to drive around Idaho or even throughout the country. There is one Buhl trucking school that can get you started: B & T Truck Driving School.

B & T Truck Driving School offers new courses on a regular basis, so you can start your education whenever it suits you. They also have small class sizes to maximize the quality of your education. You can earn your Class A driver's license in just four weeks.

The trucking industry is growing in Idaho, as a new bill seeks to increase Idaho interstate weight limits. Over 4,000 people live in Buhl, enjoying its low cost of living. This area is home to major trucking employers like Blick Trucking and Dillon Trucking.

There are over1,200 heavy truck drivers in this area, earning an average of $38,920 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). The 280 light truck drivers in this area have an average income of $23,890 (BLS, 2013).

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B & T Truck Driving School - Buhl
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