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You need to get a thorough truck driving education before you can begin a career in the trucking industry. Colorado is home to a wide variety of trucking schools. In the city of Penrose, there's WDS Truck Driving School. You can get a good handle on truck driving laws and safe driving techniques at WDS Truck Driving School.

You may have to choose which type of driver's license you want to earn before you start your education. Many truck drivers choose to earn a Class A license, which takes about six weeks. You can also look into a Class B license, which takes about two weeks.

Penrose is a very affordable city to live in, as its cost of living is 15% lower than the national average. Colorado State Highway 115 and U.S. Highway 50 are part of Penrose. W. D. Pollard Trucking, Rafter G, and J & J Handy are some of the biggest employers in this area.

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WDS Truck Driving School
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