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No matter how the economy affects other industries, the truck driving industry in California remains strong. This is because people all over the country rely on transported goods. If you want to study in Rialto, there are two schools you can attend: C.R. Trucking Academy and U.S. Truck Driving School. Both schools have small class sizes, allowing you to get as much as possible from your education.

Program offerings vary between schools. At U.S. Truck Driving School, you can complete your Class A training program in just three weeks. They also offer a Class B program that can be completed in one week.

With over 100,000 residents, Rialto has many of the amenities of city living. Many large trucking highways go through Rialto, including I-10 and I-210. There are many huge trucking companies in Rialto. Some of the companies you may work for include SSI Express, P & S Truck Center, and A & A Trucking.

In this area, trucking salaries are often higher than average. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, heavy truck drivers earn an average salary of $45,190 per year. They note that light truck drivers earn, on average, $37,260 each year (BLS, 2013).

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C R Trucking Academy
• Offers Truck Driving Programs