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You could be just a few weeks away from starting a brand new career in the truck driving industry. California truck drivers may be responsible for driving all over California, all over the West Coast, or even around the country. In the city of Hesperia, there's one truck driving school you can look into: Skyway Trucking School.

The amount of time you spend in school depends on which type of license you decide to earn. A Class B training program may take two weeks or less, while a Class A driver's license may take up to eight weeks of full-time schooling.

Hesperia is a rapidly growing city in California; currently, its population is about 92,000 people. The cost of living is much lower than the California average. Some of the biggest trucking companies in this area are Victory Transportation, High Desert Truck & Trailer, and Double Eagle Transportation.

Trucking Schools in Hesperia
Skyway Trucking School
• Offers Truck Driving Programs