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Given California's size, it should come as no surprise that it has a booming trucking industry. If you live in the city of Coalinga, you may be able to get into the trucking industry by attending West Hills Community College. This local school offers a thorough truck driving program.

As a student at a truck driving school, your time may be divided between the classroom and the road. In the classroom, you can learn about driving laws and driving theory. When you get to the practical part of your education, you can head out to the road and practice your driving techniques.

Coalinga is a mid-sized urban community with almost 17,000 residents. California Highway 198, I-5, and California Highway 33 all run through Coalinga. This area is home to many major trucking companies, including Gazelle Transportation, R. W. Burnett Transportation, Terry Johnson Trucking, and Roadrunner Auto Transport.

Trucking Schools in Coalinga
West Hills Community College
• Offers Truck Driving Programs