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Trucking Jobs in Milwaukee

As the second largest city in Wisconsin, and home to some major national companies, Milwaukee offers plenty of options for those who want to start trucking in the transportation industry. In addition to a diverse local economy that needs quality truckers, companies such as Kohl’s, Harley-Davidson, Snap-on tools, Briggs & Stratton engines, Joy Global mining equipment services, and Roundy’s Supermarkets require the services of CDL trained drivers and diesel mechanics to keep their businesses moving.

If you have always wanted to work in the trucking industry but aren’t sure where to start, contact the companies listed here to take the next step towards your next job in the trucking industry.

Driving in Milwaukee

The most well-known highway in Wisconsin that runs through Milwaukee is Highway 190, which runs from east to west across the southeast portion of Wisconsin. Truckers that help ship the world famous Harley-Davidson motorcycles travel between 190 and US Highway 45. Other major roads you’ll travel as a driver in this area include WIS 100, 181, 175, and 57. Highway 41 is the north-south highway that runs through Milwaukee, which you will most likely use for a lot of your travel if you become a local or regional driver in the area.

With its location on Lake Michigan, there is plenty to see and do as a local driver in the city. With so many local attractions and events throughout the year, you’ll get used to driving in traffic that includes many out-of-town visitors.

Living and Working in Milwaukee

If you are considering becoming a part of the transportation industry in the Milwaukee area, you will want to know what kind of salary to expect. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual wage for workers in this industry is $32,600. Of course, this amount can be greater with more experience, or depending on the kind of position you pursue or company you work for.

Additionally, Milwaukee has become more culturally diverse in its population and attractions over the years, while enjoying a relatively low cost of living compared to other urban areas. As a truck driver in Milwaukee you can enjoy a city that has many kinds of jobs for qualified drivers, and a welcoming population fit for all walks of life.

Ready to get rolling in the Milwaukee trucking industry? Take the next step and contact the trucking companies listed here to apply for jobs that can help move your career in the right direction.

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