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Find the Right Midland Trucking Job for You

No matter how other industries may change and fluctuate, the transportation industry seems to stay strong! If you’re looking for a career that can offer job security, room for upward growth, and different ways to make the most of your skills, you may find what you’re looking for in the truck driving industry of Texas! Driving jobs offer a variety of routes and the chance to drive in your city, in your state, or in your country.

If you plan on driving professionally for your career, you must meet certain requirements. As a Midland driver, you need a commercial driver’s license from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Prior to taking your driving tests and driving a commercial truck on your own, you may take a driving course that shows you how to safely navigate a truck. Once you have passed that exam, you can get your Class A or Class B CDL and start driving!

Types of Trucking Jobs

Before you start applying for trucking jobs in Midland, it’s important to know which type of truck driving job best suits you and your career goals. Because of the strength of the trucking industry in Texas, you may have a range of opportunities to consider:

  • Those who apply for local jobs may stay in the city of Midland for their routes. These jobs typically involve making multiple stops throughout the city. With a local job, you can return home each night.
  • Regional jobs may still allow you to stay in Texas, given the size of the state. You may also transport loads to neighboring states, depending on the needs of your employer and their clients.
  • If you take on over-the-road jobs, plan on driving across the country for your trips. During each trip, you may be on the road for up to three weeks. Once you complete a trip, you may get an extended period of home time!

2017 Career and Salary for Truck Drivers in Midland

In general, truck driving salaries for Midland truck driving jobs are in line with national averages. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2017), light truck drivers earn an average of $37,870 per year, while tractor-trailer drivers bring in a 2017 median salary of $46,420 annually.

Join the Trucking Community!

Becoming an established part of your truck driving community can help you acclimate to this field. The Texas Trucking Association can give you the opportunity to network with other truck drivers, continue your education with seminars and training courses, and get legislative updates. You may meet drivers from major local companies like Southeastern Freight Lines, TMC Transportation, and Tribe Express.

Ready to get started in this industry with exciting OTR jobs and local jobs? Explore options for trucking careers by applying for truck driving jobs today!