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Start Your Trucking Career with Trucking Jobs in Laredo

With the opportunities presented by the trucking industry of Texas, you may be able to get started on a new career path and find a job that you really love. Whether you want to drive the streets of Laredo or drive across the country, Laredo trucking companies may have the opportunities that you need to succeed.

To start driving commercially in this state, you must have the proper license. All licensing goes through the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. You may attend a local truck driving school to learn about trucking laws and techniques. When you feel comfortable driving a straight truck or tractor-trailer, you can take your driving tests and get your CDL. Different types of CDLs and endorsements may allow you to take on different trucking positions around Laredo.

Types of Trucking Jobs

There are many benefits of starting a truck driving career in Laredo. One of the biggest benefits, of course, is the diversity of the trucking industry. You can look at each type of trucking job and choose ones that fit your needs.

  • Local: Local jobs tend to be highly desirable amongst drivers, since they allow you to return home at the end of every shift, just like a traditional job. However, you may need to have seniority or experience to apply for this type of job.
  • Regional: Regional jobs are basically a middle-of-the-road option for drivers who aren’t interested in local or over-the-road jobs. Trips often last between three and seven days, and you may get a couple of days off between trips.
  • Over-the-road: OTR jobs can be a great way to see the country. With an OTR job, you can complete trips that last up to three weeks each. At the end of each trip, you may get up to one week to spend at home.

Salaries for Laredo truck driving jobs vary from company to company. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that light truck drivers earn an average of $34,450 per year. Their estimates show that tractor-trailer drivers earn an average salary of $37,060 per year (BLS, 2014).

Join the Trucking Community!

Trucking jobs in Laredo may put you in contact with owners, drivers, and owner-operators at major companies throughout the city, like Tribe Express, TransForce, Avert Express Inc., and Jacobson Companies. To learn about driving laws and standards throughout the state, you may want to join a group like the Texas Trucking Association. Those with successful trucking careers often take advantage of networking opportunities.

Find out how a trucking career can change your life. Start applying for trucking jobs today!