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Find the Right Trucking Job for You in Fort Worth

Fort Worth is a large metropolitan area in Texas, which means that it may be an excellent place for you to get started in your truck driving career. Around this area, there are lots of manufacturers, farms, and shipping companies that rely on the services of semi drivers. Depending on which type of license you have, you might be able to explore lots of Fort Worth truck driving jobs.

In order to start a truck driving job, you must have a CDL from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. A Class A license gives you the most options in terms of your career, but a Class B license still allows you to drive a straight truck.

2017 Outlook For Fort Worth Trucking Jobs

Spend some time learning about trucking jobs in Fort Worth and the benefits of each career path. With a Class B license, you can drive a straight truck. These routes are often multi-stop routes, so you may travel to nearby cities and return home every day or every few days. In Fort Worth, the average salary for a light truck driver is $32,940 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017). If you can drive a tractor-trailer, you may have more options to consider. OTR jobs are often widely available in this area, but you must be willing to spend up to three weeks on the road at a shot. The 2017 average salary for Ft Worth truck drivers is $42,330 per year (BLS, 2017).

Join the Trucking Community of Fort Worth

No matter which trucking careers you are considering, you must become active in the trucking community if you want to make the most out of your career choice. From other semi drivers in the Ft Worth area, you can learn about how to drive more safely and efficiently, how to make routes more enjoyable, and how to grow in your career. You can also make connections with company owners, which is definitely helpful in the job search. The Texas Trucking Association has a sizable member base in Fort Worth, so think about joining when you get started in this field.

Going to local events can also get you involved in the community. In the Fort Worth area, the Great American Trucking Show occurs every year.

Learn more about trucking jobs in Fort Worth and how you can get established in this city.