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Start Your Trucking Career in Austin

If you are interested in starting your truck driving career in a city with dozens of successful trucking companies and a solid truck driving community, Austin is a great place to get settled.

To drive in Austin, you’ll need to get a commercial driver’s license through the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Since Texas is such a large state, you may qualify for quite a few jobs even with an intrastate license. However, an interstate license gives you the chance to drive all over the country. Once you have your license, you can get behind the wheel of a straight truck or tractor-trailer for trucking jobs in Austin.

2017 Trucking Job Outlook in Austin TX

Thanks to how large Texas is, you may have the freedom to consider lots of different trucking jobs throughout your career. If you drive a straight truck, you may be able to stay near Austin. This type of career only requires a Class B license. To drive a tractor trailer, you need a Class A license. Many tractor-trailer jobs are OTR jobs, so they involve staying on the road for days or weeks at a time.

2017 trucking salaries in Austin are fairly competitive. Light truck drivers earn an average salary of $34,330 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017). Those who drive tractor-trailers bring in an average of $39,960 annually (BLS, 2017).

Join the Trucking Community of Austin

Getting connected with other truck drivers is a great way to learn about this field, discuss Austin truck driving jobs, and find faster or more efficient ways of getting around Texas. The largest trucking organization in Austin is the Texas Trucking Association. Many of this group’s events and training seminars take place in or near Austin.

You can also look into other events hosted by trucking groups and the DMV. Every year, the DMV hosts the Annual Texas Transportation Forum, which is a great resource for truck drivers.

Trucking careers are growing throughout the country. Find out more about what Austin trucking companies are looking for to get started.