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Start Your Trucking Career in Morristown Today

As an aspiring truck driver, you likely know how large and stable the truck driving industry is! Tennessee could be a great place to get established in the truck driving industry. With its convenient location, which puts it close to the Midwest and New England, many large truck driving routes go through this state. Learn more about trucking jobs in Morristown to get started.

Trucking jobs in this area are very diverse, so you can spend some time learning about your options and choosing the jobs that are best for you! Some jobs in Tennessee take you to other states or across the country, while others permit you to drive in and around Morristown.

You need a commercial driver’s license to pursue Morristown trucking jobs. The Tennessee Driver Services Division may give you your commercial driver’s license after you pass a range of driving tests.

Types of Trucking Jobs

Once you have your commercial driver’s license in your hand, you can start applying for trucking jobs and getting out onto the road. An intrastate license allows you to drive only within Tennessee. This may limit you to local jobs, which allow you to go home on a daily basis. If you get an interstate license, you can drive to any other part of the United States.

With an interstate license, you may pursue a regional job or an over-the-road job. Regional jobs typically only require three to seven days on the road at a shot, while OTR jobs may keep you away from home for up to three weeks at a time. However, as a bonus, you then often get a full week to be at home with your family.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that salaries differ for light truck drivers and tractor-trailer drivers. The average salary for a Morristown light truck driver is $37,570 per year (BLS, 2013). Tractor-trailer drivers in this city earn an average salary of $44,120 per year (BLS, 2013).

Join the Morristown Trucking Community!

One advantage of looking into trucking careers is the strong community that stands behind this industry. You can become part of the Morristown trucking community and the entire Tennessee industry. You may wish to join a group like the Tennessee Trucking Association, which offers networking and training opportunities to drivers throughout the state.

You may also explore opportunities from many different employers. Major trucking employers in this region include TMC Transportation, C.R. England, USA Truck, and Martin Transportation Systems.

Use our job listings to find your next job opening and get started in your new career!