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Learn More About Trucking Jobs in Pittsburgh

In the busy city of Pittsburgh, there’s a growing need for skilled, dedicated truck drivers who are willing to drive safely day in and day out. Whether you want to drive a short route every day and go home at the end of each shift or take on long cross-country trips, get started in your trucking career by applying for trucking jobs in Pittsburgh.

As is the case in other parts of the country, Pittsburgh has many types of trucking jobs to consider. While checking out our job listings, you may think about if you want to drive long trips that take you to other parts of the country, stay in your region, drive a flatbed truck, or transport hazardous materials to various locations.

If you already have a commercial driver’s license, you may be well on your way to a great truck driving career. If you don’t have your CDL yet, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to start the process! In the meantime, you can learn more about different Pittsburgh truck driving jobs and what they require.

Types of Trucking Jobs

One of the benefits of working in this field is the many options you have for your career. If you want to drive locally and stay home every evening, look into local jobs. With this type of job, you may only need an intrastate license, as it’s unlikely that you’ll need to leave the state.

Regional jobs, which may keep you on the road for three to seven days at a shot, tend to keep you in and around southern New England. If you’re interested in taking trips that last up to three weeks, look into OTR jobs in Pittsburgh. Many companies need reliable OTR drivers.

You may earn a wide range of salaries as a truck driver in Pittsburgh. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a light truck driver is $33,590 per year. Their estimates indicate that tractor-trailer drivers earn an average of $42,670 each year (BLS, 2013).

Join the Trucking Community!

As you get established in Pittsburgh, you may want to meet others who have found success in their trucking careers. Doing so can inspire you to succeed and help you stay on top of driving legislation and standards that affect your career. As a member of the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association, you can attend local events, get in touch with your community, and build professional connection with trucking company owners and drivers. You may meet drivers from local companies like C.R. England, Venezia, Swift Transportation, and Jacobson Companies.

We’re ready to help you find the trucking job that can help you reach your goals. Check out our listings below to get started.