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Trucking Jobs in Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio has several major industries that need trained CDL drivers to keep their business moving. Companies that specialize in manufacturing, government services, food, commercial shipping, and other types of activity are currently hiring drivers and diesel mechanics.

Companies want to keep their drivers happy to avoid the expense of turnover. That’s why drivers can often compete for jobs that offer 401K, paid time off, competitive rates per mile, and routes that are preferable to drivers who have families and want to sleep in the comfort of their own beds.

Companies such as Transport America, Celadon, Nusbaum, and JB Hunt need drivers for local, regional, team driving, OTR, and other types of positions. Some of these companies may guarantee pay, even if the miles don’t add up to the rates usually used for calculating pay. New hires can often negotiate guaranteed annual wage increases for the first few years they are employed.

Talk to the companies listed below to learn more about the opportunities available they have for trained CDL drivers in the Cincinnati area.

Driving in Cincinnati

Truck drivers in the Cincinnati area travel predominately on the three major interstates that run through the city: I-71, I-275, and I-471. I-71 travels east and junctions with I-471 then heads towards Mt. Adams. I-275 is known as an outer-belt around Cincinnati, with junctions connected to all the major highways around the city. I-471 starts near Fort Washington Way and heads southward to Kentucky.

If you aren’t already familiar with the highway system around this area, you’ll quickly learn as you gain truck driving experience. Of course, if you live and work within the city, you’ll become familiar with the traffic that is heavily dependent on cars, since public transportation isn’t the best in the city.

Living and Working in Cincinnati

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for the Cincinnati area is 5.1%, compared to 5.6% for the national average. The BLS also states that workers in the Cincinnati area earn a median wage of $22.23 per hour, which comes in about 2% below the national average.

The average hourly wage for those in the transportation industry is about $15.71 per hour. However, the salary for truckers in this area can vary greatly depending on the company you choose to work for. That’s why it’s important to discuss your opportunities for work with schools in the Cincinnati area to learn your options.

Don’t wait to get the career in trucking you want. Contact the employers below to learn how you can get behind the wheel of your next job in trucking as quickly as possible.