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Start Your Trucking Career with Truck Driving Jobs in Raleigh

Raleigh, as one of the largest cities in North Carolina, is also a city that plays a significant role in its truck driving industry. In fact, this large city is important to the coastal trucking industry at large. Regardless of which type of license you want to earn or which type of Raleigh truck driving jobs you are considering, this is a great place to get started.

First, make sure you meet the licensure requirements of the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles. Once you pass the required tests for your license and any endorsements you choose, you can begin working independently as a commercial truck driver in Charlotte.

Types of Jobs for Semi Drivers in Raleigh NC

If you decide to start your career in Raleigh, you may be excited to find out that salaries in this region tend to be slightly higher than state averages. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, light truck drivers in Raleigh earn an average of $33,130 per year. Their statistics show that the average salary for a tractor-trailer driver is $41,780 annually (BLS, 2015).

Your salary may also be affected by which types of hauls you take on. If you apply for OTR jobs, your willingness to drive difficult routes may be repaid with a higher salary. Regional jobs may be a bit more convenient if you want to be home more often. Local jobs may be well suited to you if you enjoy staying in the same city all day and making multiple stops.

Join the Trucking Community of Raleigh

Raleigh has a truck driving community that employs close to 7000 people (BLS, 2015). Getting involved in this community can make you a valuable asset to employers, and it may also give you insight into changing laws and standards across the state. The North Carolina Trucking Association is an excellent starting point, since it is the largest trucking organization in North Carolina. This group runs lots of events for members, including safety meetings, technician training events, dinners and golf games, trucking competitions, and meetings for truckers in different parts of the state.

Trucking careers can be extremely rewarding and stable. Get involved now by checking out trucking jobs in Raleigh.