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Apply for Truck Driving Jobs in New York City!

The huge city of New York City has a sizable trucking industry. Whether you want to drive to local NYC businesses, see more of New England, or travel across the country, trucking jobs in New York City may be what you’re looking for. There are jobs all over the city that may put you behind the wheel of a straight truck or tractor-trailer. With major industries like textiles, publishing, and apparel, it’s clear that shipping is important in this area.

To prepare for a trucking job in New York City, you may choose to attend trucking school. These schools can give you the practical experience and book training you need to succeed as a truck driver. Trucking schools in New York City often last two to eight weeks, helping you earn a Class A or Class B license. Keep reading to learn more about trucking jobs in New York City!

Opportunities for Truckers in New York City

Learning about local jobs and OTR jobs can help you find out which type of trucking job is best for you. OTR jobs may be easier to find, since lots of trucking companies in New York City may be looking for those who are willing to take long trips. If you can secure a local job, you may have the freedom to return home on a daily basis. There are other options at some employers, like regional jobs and dedicated routes.

The salary you earn as a truck driver may be determined mostly by which type of truck you drive. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who drive light trucks in this area earn an average salary of $37,400 per year. The average salary for a heavy truck driver is $45,920 per year (BLS, 2013).

Work as a Trucker in NYC

New York City trucking jobs can help you get involved in the New York City trucking community. This is beneficial to trucking careers in many ways. By joining local groups and making the most of your career, you may get to know other truckers, learn about legislative changes that affect your career, and discover opportunities to get involved. New York City is home to many trucking organizations, including the New York Trucking & Delivery Association, the New York Metropolitan Trucking Association, and the New York State Motor Truck Association.

There are quite a few large trucking employers in this area. As you begin your job search, you may come across trucking companies like C.R. England, Roadrunner Transportation Systems, West Side Transport, and Towne Air Freight.

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