New Jersey Over The Road Jobs

New Jersey, a state known for its retail, tourism, and entertainment industries, relies heavily on truck drivers to deliver products all over the country. Why not take advantage of this opportunity by becoming an over-the-road driver? If you're ready and willing to drive long distances and navigate a range of routes, you can look into completing your training and getting your commercial driver's license.

You can benefit from an excellent job outlook in New Jersey. O*Net predicts a 13% increase in truck driving job openings between 2010 and 2020. This growth rate is slightly higher than the national average (O*Net, 2010). On average, this may lead to over 1,200 new jobs per year (O*Net, 2010).

Most truck drivers in New Jersey earn between $30,600 and $65,200 per year, according to O*Net. The average salary is $43,900 per year (O*Net, 2013). As an over-the-road driver, you may be able to earn a sign-on bonus for your commitment.

New Jersey is home to many different truck driving companies, providing several job options to you upon graduation. Some of the largest truck driving companies in New Jersey are Martin-Brower, Roadrunner Transportation Systems, C.R. England, and West Side Transport.

Featured New Jersey Trucking Jobs
Vacation Pay, $1,000 per week MINIMUM Guaranteed pay for 1st 4 weeks, 401k/profit sharing plan, Medical, dental, and vision insurance, Flights/Car Rental, Single rooms and all meals at Orientation covered
Vacation Pay, New Upside Pay program: 23 percent or CPM - whatever earns YOU more!, 401k/profit sharing plan, Medical, dental, and vision insurance, Flights/Car Rental, Single rooms and all meals at Orientation covered
Lease Purchase Drivers earn six figure pay, No forced dispatch, Consistent home time, $0 money down and no credit check!
Sign On Bonuses vary by job and range from $2,000-$5,000!, Life Insurance, Disability and 401k - Plus Company Match , Paid Vacation, Family Owned, Driver Focused , Heath, Dental, and Vision Insurance, In Cab Internet Access
Top Pay, Orientation & Training Pay, Driver & Family Focused, Late Model, CSA Friendly Equipment, 401K & Full Health Coverage, Tarp/OD/Hazmat Additional Pay

Before you start looking for over-the-road driving jobs in New Jersey, you may want to complete all the necessary training. You may be able to attend a truck driving program at a local driving company, or you may wish to attend a dedicated truck driving school. If you wish to earn a Class A driver's license, which is often expected for over-the-road drivers, you should plan on spending four to eight weeks in school.

In trucking school, your curriculum may cover many different parts of a truck driving career. If you are applying for endorsements on your license, you may learn about safely transporting passengers or hazardous materials. You can also spend lots of time in the off-road practice driving area to build on your basic skills. Once your instructor thinks that you're ready, you can drive with them on the open road.

You can apply for your commercial driver's license after you finish all aspects of your training. Your application must go through the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. They will require you to prove your abilities in a set of tests, at which point you can receive your license.