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Apply for Truck Driving Jobs in Las Vegas: Choose the Best Driving Job for you!

The city of Las Vegas, which is the largest in Nevada, is a surprisingly major part of the west’s trucking community. Major industries in this city include tourism, service, and construction. Truck drivers play an important role in the economy, ensuring that tourist locations and customer service businesses have the goods they need to keep the tourism industry running.

As a truck driver in Las Vegas, you may drive long trips that take you elsewhere in the country or you may stay in your immediate area. Learn more about different types of trucking jobs in Las Vegas to find the right one for you!

Types of Trucking Jobs in Las Vegas

With so many Las Vegas truck driving jobs, it’s important to take your time learning about your options so you can make a decision that fits your lifestyle. In many parts of the city, over-the-road drivers are needed. Those who take on OTR jobs may drive long hauls that last up to three weeks each. You may then get the other week of the month off. Regional jobs do require overnight travel, but typically no more than three nights per trip. If you land a local job in Las Vegas, you may go home on a daily basis. You may want to look at local employers to find out what postings are available!

You may earn a competitive salary as a truck driver in Las Vegas. Salaries in this area tend to depend on what type of route you drive and which type of truck you drive. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that light truck drivers earn an average salary of $34,180 per year in Las Vegas. Tractor-trailer drivers bring in a median income of $41,150 annually (BLS, 2013).

Life of a Las Vegas Trucker

If you really want to make your mark on the Las Vegas trucking industry, you may want to dedicate yourself to becoming part of the local trucking community. This may include attending training events, communicating with other drivers, and staying up-to-date on legislative changes in Nevada. The Nevada Trucking Association is a popular resource for local drivers. You may also choose to attend local events like the Great West Truck Show.