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Apply for Truck Driving Jobs in Kansas City Missouri! Chose the Company that Fits you Best!

Kansas City, which lies both in Missouri and Kansas, has a thriving truck driving industry that may have numerous employment opportunities for those who are willing to work hard and put in long miles. The economy of Kansas City relies on major industries like distribution, intermodal transportation, and warehousing. It’s clear, then, that truck drivers are a crucial part of this region’s economy.

Whether you’re looking for short-haul or long-haul trucking jobs in Kansas City, now may be the time to get started! Keep reading to learn more about truck driving jobs in this region, and use our directory to learn more about jobs in your area today!

Types of Trucking Jobs in KC

There are quite a few Kansas City truck driving jobs for you to consider. You have to look at how far you’re willing to drive and how long you’re willing to be away from home for each trip. If you need to return home each night, consider a local driving job. These jobs may be more difficult to find, as they tend to be in high demand among drivers. Regional jobs involve slightly longer trips; you may spend up to three nights away from home per trip. If you’re ready to tackle the challenge of long trips, look into over-the-road driving jobs! Some employers offer extra bonuses to those who take on long hauls, like higher pay or longer vacations.

Salaries in Kansas City vary for local jobs, OTR jobs, and other types of trucking careers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that light truck drivers earn an average of $35,490 per year in this city. Tractor-trailer drivers in Kansas City claim an average salary of $44,470 per year (BLS, 2013). As you gain experience in this field, you may be able to increase your earning potential.

Become a Kansas City Trucker

If you’ve ever started over in a new career path, you know how important it is to become part of the community in your new industry. The same is true in the trucking field! By spending some time getting to know other drivers and joining local organizations, you may be able to become an important part in the trucking community of Kansas City. As you look into trucking careers, consider joining the Kansas City Transportation Association or the Missouri Trucking Association. These groups may give you access to special training events, networking opportunities, and legislative updates in Missouri and Kansas.

Ready to take the first step in your trucking career? Kansas City is the place to start. Contact local employers listed here to learn more!