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There are few industries out there that offer quite as many diverse opportunities as the truck driving industry. Drivers can drive all sorts of vehicles, take on a wide variety of routes, and advance their career in a number of ways. By exploring different Minneapolis truck driving jobs, you can think more about your future career and what you want to accomplish.

No matter which type of truck jobs you decide you’re interested in, they all start with a commercial driver’s license. Through the Department of Public Services, you can apply for your CDL and take the required tests. From there, you can start looking into Minneapolis jobs and figuring out how to safely navigate Minneapolis roads. Since you’ll be based in a major city, it’s important to know how to drive in large amounts of traffic and work around traffic hour.

Types of Trucking Jobs in Minneapolis

Part of choosing the right trucking job for you is learning about different trucking career paths. Everything depends on how far you can drive and how much time you’re willing to spend away from home. With a local job, you only need an intrastate license and you can typically return home every day at the end of your shift.

Regional jobs typically keep you in the Midwest, so you can go home one to two times per week. If you’re ready to take on long trips that last up to three weeks, consider OTR jobs! OTR jobs may pay slightly more, plus they may allow you to enjoy up to one week at a home after each trip.

The salary you earn with trucking jobs in Minneapolis may depend on which type of truck you drive. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that light truck drivers in Minneapolis earn an average salary of $37,870 per year. Their estimates show that the average salary for a tractor-trailer driver is $45,510 annually (BLS, 2013).

Join the Trucking Community!

As you complete your training and start the process of finding out about different trucking careers, you may discover which trucking employers are in the Minneapolis area. Local companies include TMC Transportation, Q Carriers, Swift Transportation, and West Side Transport.

You should also spend some time learning about your local truck driving community and meeting other trucks, regardless of whether you’re applying for OTR jobs or local jobs. Consider joining the Minnesota Trucking Association, which advocates for truckers on a legislative level, provides access to training events, and hosts networking events.

Take the first step to your new trucking career today! Get started by applying for trucking jobs in your area.